Our philosophy

We are the universe observing itself

We are the universe observing itself


Some believe that we were created

by the Bing bang.  Some believe that

God made us out of dust.

But whatever the theory we consider

the essence of man does not change.

Man will always be made up of the

same ingredients as earth, water, plants

and animals.


Based on the above, we created a series

of products based on pure natural materials,

products with generational knowledge adapted

to the requirements of modern man.


Consider, we have the same

ingredients as plants, earth, stones,

sea, water.


These are what we are made of,

that’s what we are and there hides

the great secret of  youth, health

and wellness.

If these ingredients are not

in balance comes the wear and

tear and decay.

Common denominator

of  HUME HAND products

is that time is relative (Einstein),

there is no time (science),

God is omnipresent (religion)

which confirms that there is no time.

This is our recipe.


We are a piece of the whole. We are nature.

We are the universe. We are magical. We are earthly.

We are little gods. Let us remember our roots.

Let us remember the truth.


Hume Hand 's
product instructions

HUME HAND products are packaged

in glass containers with dark glass for

product protection purposes.

Once the product is opened...

Custom products

We prepare tailor-made creams

for you. You tell us the issue you are

facing and  we’ll create a customized

solution for your case with the ideal

product for your individual case,

based on your needs.


As conscious earthly beings

we respect beyond all earthly

creatures and the environment

as well.


That is why all our products

are organic and environmentally friendly, from raw materials to all consumables. All packaging is

made of glass and paper or cloth

and we avoid plastic as much

as we can.

We are earthy, we treat all earthly creatures with respect and we are respectful to nature.

Basic and main ingredients

of earthly entity are water, oxygen,

nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.

There are creatures whose body

does not age like lobster.

The jellyfish returns to the polyp

stage when it falls ill and when

injured its cells return to the state

of youth. Spider has the ability

to regenerate.


So Earthly creatures have the ability

to heal themselves. Based on these

we researched and created

HUME HAND products, products

that are conscious, nutritious, and